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reno & revamp.

Our Services

Small Scale Building

(small/large walls and structures, to-design building)

Home Maintenance

(all smaller domestic repair and replacement work)

Always on power

Load Shedding internet access solutions to keep you online.

Comprehensive Painting

(repair work included)

Home Renovations

(bathroom, kitchen, living areas, outside)

Fiber Specialists

RenoVamp is an affiliate to an internet service provider.

Our materials are extremely high quality and and locally-sourced.

At RenoVamp we offer unparalleled quality of workmanship, prompt and efficient service at competitive rates using the best products and applying efficient work practices to achieve excellent results.

Waterproof in Furniture, 10 Years Warranty in Excellent Quality Mdf is used.
We use real marble protected against scratch and breakage.
We Prefer Reliable Brands, Stainless and Stainproof Faucets
We Reflect Your Pleasure Everywhere. Magnificent Sinks

Free Consultation & on-Site inspection.

In a market that is ever changing, our quest for eco-conscious solutions are at the forefront of what we do.

T: +27 79 795 8546